13 March 2008

Conclusion of the contract for the sale of IP to the USA

Continuation of the international cooperation

The transaction for the sale of IP including the method for the minimally invasive treatment of the lumbar spine – InSWing/DERO completed in May 2007 has expended the cooperation between Poland and the USA.

finAlong with the surgical method, LfC sold the patent for the technical solution of the inSWing implant and the compatible surgical instruments, implantation procedure, and also the know-how connected with the product. After a thorough analysis of the technological process used in the production of the implant, and of the conditions of launching the product on the European market while keeping its brand name, the American partner decided to contract the manufacturing of the inSWing products to LfC.

Recognising the experience of the Zielona Góra–based company in the field of implant manufacturing, as well as its high world standard in the production based on state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods, the production of inSWing implants and surgical instruments has been entrusted to Poland. The American partner took this decision following an extensive audit of the Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. In the course of the audit there were numerous positive opinions about the advanced technology, organization of the production process and high quality standards in LfC.

Currently, the contract for further cooperation between Poland and the USA, which is an extension of the previously completed transaction, is being prepared.