16 October 2023

Follow the needs with ISaF® (Illio Sacral with autogenous Fusion)

Based on literature from 2014 and 2015 data, the IS joint was a cause of low back pain (LBP) in 15-30% of cases [1,2]. In 2019 researchears concluded that LBP is caused by the IS joint in at least 30% of cases and even up to 60% in some populations [3,4]. This knowledge and advances in medical technology are resulting in an increase in joint fusions in patients with LBP. Studies of the US market report a nearly 25-fold increase in the practice of IS fusions, from 318 cases in 2010 to 7,794 cases in 2020 [5].

The reason (?) – increased availability of implant stabilisations and/or greater understanding of the relationship of ilio-sacral pain (LBP) to the hip joint and/or …

Implementation of the ISaF® (Ilio Sacral autogenous Fusion) method with a 3D-Ti-Truss printed implant:

Satisfaction of the international group of surgeons and congratulations to Dr Lechoslaw F. Ciupik and the LfC team. Another group of patients can count on effective treatment. Pelvis, osteoporosis and desirable cement enhancement of illio-sacral stabilisation according to the ISaF procedure; “this is a significant advance in the treatment of older patients”.

ISaF® – can you do more … (?)

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