13 October 2013

LfC in Liverpool. The city of the Beatles attracts spine surgeons.

Between 1st and 4th October 2013 spine surgeons from all over the world gathered at the EuroSpine 2013 Congress in Liverpool. As has already become a tradition, for the tenth time the LfC Team, this time with more surgeons from Poland, took part in congress sessions, exhibitions and discussions on improving the methods of surgical spine treatment.

It was an occasion for the LfC Company to once again stand out among the international medical “elite” for its distinctive philosophy dedicated to spine surgery, backed by innovative instruments. Considerable interest in LfC’s proposals was observed among the surgeons as well as among the 110 competing companies from all over the world. The booth, offering professional training supported by the modern development vision which constitutes LfC’s philosophy of perceiving the future and which has been developed in collaboration with spine experts, attracted doctors from Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Germany, Israel, Great Britain, but also from China, the remaining countries of the EU, and from around the globe.

The most popular and attractive stabilisation methods presented by LfC were the already recognized CarLIF and SLIDER, and the newly developed bio-Dynamic Stabilisation/b•D•S on polymer and carbon rods. Primary expert evaluations of b•D•S have proven that stabilisation provides many possibilities related not only to accelerated bone union and controlled slow fusion-type union, but also to biomechanical support of adjacent spine parts, which substantially contributes to finding a solution for ASD (Adjacent Segment Disease) – protection of the adjacent segment.

The combination of Beatle-style atmosphere created by the Liverpool hosts, with music played during breaks facilitated the exchange of experiences and business conversations. For LfC, the meeting in Liverpool can constitute the beginning of cooperation with partners from new countries in the fields of marketing and sale of IP, as well as of scientific, research and development partnership.

The LfC Team would like to thank all the experts and visitors of the booth for valuable remarks and suggestions, as well as the interest in spine surgery solutions. All the remarks motivate us to continue intensive work to be able to “measure up to nature” in a better way (LfC’s philosophy since 2010).

The Liverpool Congress has posed new challenges, which LfC would like to efficiently answer with the help of its experience.