25 May 2020

LfC uses its potential in the fight against the COVID’19.

LfC, a manufacturer of medical devices, creator of advanced procedures and instruments for spine surgery. A company focused on the topic of health, is now fighting the pandemic. Appreciating the daily heroism and efforts of the medical services – especially in the face of a pandemic – we decided to help. In response to the needs of emergency medical services, we have prepared and 3-D printed angular filter connectors for the half-masks.

Paramedics with improved connectors.

It all started with a shortage of professional masks. During the first videoconference with the representatives of the ambulance services: Oskar Libner and Mariusz Moszak, we realized that we could and should help. We designed the necessary element, knowing that it must be both durable and functional. The very next day, the prototype was ready, and the results of our work were presented to the paramedic coordinating the whole action. We succeeded! We have created a component that provides a safe and reliable connection, but also can be sterilized, making it reusable.

After just two days, the first batch of connectors was ready. Using innovative engineering and medical knowledge with advanced manufacturing means, including 3-D printing LfC has delivered a sterilizable connector. With our help, every paramedic from the Voivodeship Ambulance Station in Zielona Góra will be equipped with a set of connectors. This way, we can gear up medics with proper protective equipment – offering them safety while they save our lives and health.

Of course, the high costs were cowered by the company: “It should be like that! After all, with you, Paramedics, we strive for health for all of us“ – summed up the CEO of the LfC, Lechosław F. Ciupik.