• multi-Angle Lumbar Interbody Fusion
    • α-CarRLIF

      multi-Angle Lumbar Interbody Fusion

      Another LfC’s 3D-Frame-Ti implant from CarЯLIF-family. It is 3D printed curved spinal cage.

      This cage combines the fusion enhancing features of the 3D-Truss-Ti structure together with the precision of insertion and placement provided by the unique “carving guides”. It is another implant of the whole CarЯLIF-family – a group of implants based on 3D-Truss-Ti Electron Beam Technology – which have been first time applied for spinal implant by LfC.

      Those implants constitute a new significant step in spine surgery due to their special function enchancing new trend in surgical treatment of spine:

      “Bridging of spine” with 3D-Truss- Ti construction.


        • Decompression & unloading of the neural Structures;
        • Acceleration of osteointegration:
          • acceleration of bone ingrowth & overgrowth of implant;
          • quick patient recovery;
        • For different surgical approaches;
        • Restoration of natural spine geometry;

        • Uniquely shaped carving guides for:
          • controlled insertion & precise placement;
          • supreme primary stability;
          • enlargement of load bearing surfaces;
          • prevention against migration & expulsion;
        • “Banana shape” for best anatomical matching;
        • Meets “Zero profile” and “Stand alone” standards;
        • “Banana shape” for best anatomical matching;
        • Specially designed 3D-Truss Ti structure:
          • minimal volume of titanium;
          • more than 65% space for bone ingrowth;
          • light & strong construction;
          • high load bearing capacity;
          • surfaces of 3D-Truss elements susceptible to osteointegration;
          • superior bony fusion;
        • Anatomically formed bearing surfaces;
        • Anchoring “shark teeths” preventing against migration;
        • Wide range of sizes;


    At the end of the 20th century, technologies stemming from aero-spacial engineering enabled a whole world of new possibilities in 3D architecture, and were transmited by LfC to the field of spinal implants. Electron beam melting (EBT-Electron Beam Technology) of Ti-alloy powder with over 2000 deg. C in a vacuum chamber – that is the essence of hi-tech need for creation of new generation 3D-implants. Apart from the structure itself, which favors bone ingrowth within the special cells, the design also enables a better osteointegration mechanism reducing fusion time by approximately 40-50 percent and more. This new phenomenon was studied and called „Ivy-like mechanism, L.C.” as a metaphor for mimic way of the natural growth of ivy climbing along the specially made rough surface of truss design.