• Transpedicular Screw & Hooks
    • SGL – Self Guided Lock

      A unique biomechanical concept!

      The “SGL” system was designed to provide secure realignment, stabilization, and fixation of the Thoraco-Lumbar spine.
      A low profile design of a self-guided locking mechanism stabilizes the construct, while the bi-helix thread increases speed-of-screw insertion. SGL simultaneously increases ease-of-use and reduces surgery time improving patient safety.
      LfC has over 20 years’ experience in transpedicular screw systems. The development of further designs always aimed to meet specific surgeon’s needs and to solve the issues transpedicular screw surgeries face.

      Pankowski R., Roclawski M., Ceynowa M., Mazurek T., Ciupik L.F., Kierzkowska A. Cadaveric biomechanical testing of torque – to – failure magnitude of Bilateral Apical Vertebral Derotation maneuver in the thoracic spine. PLoS ONE 14(8), 26 August 2019.
      Ciupik L.F., Kierzkowska A., Zapałowicz K. In vitro simulation of intraoperative vertebroplasty applied for pedicle screw augumentation. A biomechanical evaluation. Gdańsk, Neurol Neurochir Pol 2018;52(1):64-69.


        • Self-Guided Lock (”SGL”) – patented locking mechanism for safety, speed, and ease-of-use;
        • Possible implant reposition – without additional screws or costs;
        • Cannulated screws for minimal invasive implantation;
        • Double-threaded screw design for quicker screw insertion;
        • Fenestrated screws for cement augmentation in bones of poor quality;
        • Comprehensive implant portfolio for applications in most of the anatomical conditions of the spine;
        • Color coding for easy identification;

        • Correction, stabilization, and fusion of the Thoraco-Lumbar spine;
        • Biomechanical realignment, and support of musculoskeletal and neural system;
        • Decompression of facet joints, intervertebral discs, and foramina;
        • Support of interbody fusion devices;

    Clinical Cases



    ”SGL” screw design


    Colorcoding of ”SGL” screw diameters

    Various types of screws matching most surgical challenges


    Biomechanical tests


    Wide range of hooks


    • available single- & bi- axial version
    • wide range of sizes for both pediatric and adult applications
    • lamina and pedicle types
    • long arms increasing functionality in surgical space