• Spondylo - Retro - Listhesis Cage
    • SLIDER

      Spondylo-Retro-Listhesis Cage – a unique implant solving spondylolisthesis!

      Unique SLIDER implant consists of two independent sliding parts equipped with ”shark teeth”. This construction enables the correction of spondylolisthesis with DrRB Method (Distraction by rotation, Reposition & Blockage). All steps are realized in succession with a single cage inserter (3in1). SLIDER provides firm and stable fixation. It can be implanted from the anterior and posterior approaches. Additional transpedicular fixation is recommended.

      International reports indicate around 5% of all spinal fusion surgeries to be related to spondylolisthesis. The treatment of this condition is mainly based on the use of ”spondylo-screws”, to restore and maintain the curvature of the spine. However, it needs to be mentioned that pull-out and screws breakage was reported in many clinical reports.

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      The others about us:


        • IDRF – Intervertebral Decompression, Reposition & Fusion;
        • Decompression of neural structures;
        • Acceleration of osteointegration:
          • acceleration of bone ingrowth & overgrowth into the implant;
          • quick patient recovery;
        • Restoration of natural spine geometry;
        • Reduction of invasiveness;

        • 3in1 DrRB method – Distraction by rotation Reposition and Blockage in one insertion;
        • Correction of spondylolisthesis based on a single cage (no screws!):
          • time-saving procedure;
        • Implant comes in 3 shapes to match most of intervertebral conditions;
        • Treatment of spondylo- & retro– listhesis;
        • Posterior & anterior approach
        • Uniquely shaped “shark teeth” for:
          • precise placement;
          • supreme stability & correction;
          • increased load-bearing surfaces;
          • prevention of migration & expulsion;

    Clinical Cases

    Age: 56 Sex: W
    Age: 56

    Sex: W

    Age: 56 Sex: W
    Age: 56

    Sex: W

    Main steps of surgical procedure

    Slider procedure