• Transpedicular Strong Screws
    • STRONG Scoliosis

      STRONG – ”force” within transpedicular screw

      ”STRONG Scoliosis” system was designed for correction and stabilization of the thoracolumbar spine. Dedicated for long stabilizations requiring increased implant strength.

      Low profile screw and ”massive” fixing nut ensure safe and firm stabilization. Transpedicular screws with bi-helix thread increase the screw insertion twice-fold, which significantly reduces surgery time while maintaining the patient’s safety.

      Surgical instruments are equipped with a bushing system enabling manipulation and rotation of dislocated vertebrae. The system is successfully used in scoliosis treatment, but also in trauma and degenerative cases.

      LfC has over 20 years’ experience in transpedicular screw systems. The development of further designs always aimed to solve specific surgeon’s needs and challenges transpedicular screws surgeries face.


        • Dedicated for particularly demanding long spine stabilizations, but also for most screw-based spine stabilizations;
        • Correction, stabilization, and fusion of thoracolumbar spine;
        • Biomechanical support of neurological and musculoskeletal system;
        • Support of segments with interbody fusion devices;

        • Strong and robust screw and nut design;
        • Bi-helix thread for twice-fold quicker insertion;
        • Color coding for easier identification;
        • Available, cannulated screws for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS);
        • Fenestrated screws for cement injection;
        • Wide range of implants for most of the anatomical conditions;

    Clinical Cases

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