31 October 2017

Spine and Art at BISS
Michał Bajsarowicz – Exhibition “Imprint of Existence” in Brussels
LfC patron of the vernissage

LfC has been cooperating and supporting the Polish artist Michał Bajsarowicz ​since​ many years. Thanks to fruitful contacts with “Brussels”, with the help of our friends, especially Professor Marek Szpalski, we managed to prepare an extraordinary vernissage of Michał Bajsarowicz’s art. The ​opening of the ​artistic event  t​oo​k  place in the prestigious surroundings of the Sofitel Brussels Hotel  on ​October 17th and will continue until December 15th, 2017.

The culminating moment of the exhibition will be connected with the Brussels International Spine Symposium / BISS (17-19 November​ 2017), which will be attended by distinguished guests, ​spine ​experts from all over the world. LfC ​will be presenting its innovative spinal implants as a participant in the Brussels Symposium​ with the focus on SLIDER, an unique solution for correction of spondylolisthesis, which is the lead topic on the upcoming conference.​

Openning of the MB exhibition