13 October 2020

We would like to say a Great Thank You to our Paramedics during their National Day

Medical Rescue Day

Dear Paramedics working in hospital emergency wards, at ambulance stations, in the field. On your National Day, we thank you for your hard work and wish you a lot of strength, patience, and infinite satisfaction from helping others in the often dramatic moments of life.

It is difficult to count how many people owe their lives and health to you. We are impressed by your courage, effort, and dedication, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Being in the service of health requires both professionalism and great commitment, but also a huge heart and enormous empathy. In your work, you deliver help and hope to another person.

It was great to be able to help you with your hard work with our minor contribution to your safety.

CEO of LfC and Coworkers

Another donation of filter adaptors. CEO of LfC Lechosław F. Ciupik (left), and Paramedic Oskar Libner (right) wearing a breathing mask with improved 3-D printed connectors.