• PEEK Interbody Cage

      mostly used cervical cage in Poland!

      Cervical cage „C●DISC PEEK” typ is intented for use in cervical spine stabilisation. It supports the restoration of natural height of disc space and cervical lordosis.

      C●ŸDISC PEEK” by LfC means the widest portfolio in terms of sizes as well as shapes. Cages are made of PEEK Optima (polyetheretherketone) – an implantable polymer. This biomaterial is chemically resistant in body enviroment, non-sensitizing and it’s flexural modulus is close to cortical bone. Cage is available in two designs with „shark teeth” –  with or without 4 spikes on each surface, which provide additional fixation of implant in endplates for safer positioning in intervertebral space. Design of implant provides excellent conditions for fusion due to wide center hole, which can be filled with autologous bone or bone substitute in form of paste, blocks or granules. Side slots in the implant enhance fusion process, additionally.

      Cage can be connected to cervial plate.



        • Prosthesis of appriopriate cervical spine segment
        • Stand-alone for one or more segments
        • Connection with cervical plate possible

        • Easy and safe procedure
        • Wide range of sizes:
          • Anatomical shape
          • Intra-operative options and comfort for surgeon
        • Ti-spikes on both surfaces of cage:
          • markers for intra- and postoperative identification of positioning
          • increased safety of intervertebral fixation
        • Center hole in cage:
          • provides excellent conditions for fusion
          • possibility of supplement  with autologous bone or bone substitute



    Main procedure steps, shapes of cages and bone substitutes

    Main implantation procedure steps
    1. Preparation of implantation space – discectomie and distraction


    2.Proper implant choice:
    a.trial of width and depth
    b. trial of implant height

    3. Supplement of implant with autologous bone or bone substitute and insertion

    cdisc_procedure_03c cdisc_procedure_03b cdisc_procedure_03a

    4. Unscrewing and removing of cage inserter

    cdisc_procedure_04a cdisc_procedure_04b

    Cage designs – wide range of shapes to meet many anatomical conditions


    Synthetic bone substitute

    Bone substitutes in block form, paste or granules can be used. All forms are synthetic – made of beta tricalcium phosphate – biocompatible and fully resorbable. We offer and recommend to use Cerasorb by Curasan AG/Germany.