• PEEK Interbody Cage

      The most-used cervical disc in Poland!

      C·DISC PEEK” a cervical disc prosthesis intended for use in cervical spine stabilization. It is tasked with the restoration of the natural height of intervertebral space, reconstruction, and/or maintenance of cervical lordosis.

      C·DISC PEEK” by LfC is a cervical disc implant that comes in the widest range of sizes and shapes. Discs are made of an implantable polymer – PEEK Optima (polyetheretherketone). This biomaterial has chemical resistance to the aggressive physiological environment of the human body, it is non-sensitizing to the patient, and its elastic modulus is close to that of a bone. The disc is available in two versions. First, with directional and corrugated (serrated) contact surfaces called ”shark teeth” preventing movement and dislocation after implantation into intervertebral space. Second, equipped with additional 4 Ti spikes on the top and bottom surface each, providing additional fixation and safer positioning of the prosthesis. The design of the implant provides an excellent environment for bone fusion. A wide hole in its center and gaps on the sides make it easy to fill with a bone graft or bone substitute in any form.

      To achieve better stabilization implant may be connected with a cervical plate.


        • Implantation in intervertebral space of cervical spine;
        • Standalone stabilization on one or more level;
        • Possible connection with cervical plate via special, threaded quick coupler;

        Compatible products:
        asCpAsCP Madagascar


        • Safe & simple procedure;
        • Wide range of implant sizes:
          • anatomical shape;
          • variety of options translated as surgeon’s comfort;
        • Ti spikes on both contact surfaces of the disc:
          • markers for intra- and postoperative identification;
          • enhanced intervertebral fixation;
        • Hole in a cage center:
          • optional supplementation with bone graft or bone substitute;
          • excellent conditions for bone fusion;

    Clinical Cases


    Main procedure steps, cage shapes and bone substitutes

    Main steps of implantation procedure:
    1. Preparation of implantation site – discectomy and distraction


    2. Selection of the right implant:
    a. depth and width probe
    b. height probe

    3. Supplementation of the implant with a bone graft or bone substitute followed by its insertion




    4. Unscrewing and removal of cage inserter



    Cage designs – wide range of sizes and shapes to fit any anatomical condition


    Synthetic bone substitute

    For cervical cages bone substitutes in a block form, paste, or granules can be used. Substitutes are synthetic, made of beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), biocompatible, and fully resorbable materials. We offer, and recommend the Cerasorb bone substitute by Curasan AG/Germany.