• PEEK Vertebral Body Prosthesis
    • easySpacer

      One of a kind cervical corpectomy spacer with „sliding” implantation procedure!

      ”easySpacer” is intended for corpectomy of the cervical spine. Made of PEEK-OPTIMA implantable bio-polymer with elastic modulus close to that of a bone. The prosthesis has directional and corrugated endplate contact surfaces (serrated) equipped with additional 4 Ti spikes on each (top, bottom), ensuring firm attachment, preventing sliding, and dislocation. The design of the implant provides an excellent environment for bone fusion due to the wide hole in its center, which can be filled with a bone graft or bone substitute enhancing bone fusion and the process of spondylodesis. Located inside the prosthesis, the mobile element connects with the insertion tool during the surgery, also works as an attachment point for the cervical plate. Specifically prepared surgical tools guarantee safe “sliding” implantation procedure which can be performed by a single surgeon.

      Ciupik L.F., Kierzkowska A., Powchowicz P., Słoński E., Łozowski M., Klusczyk T. Functional assessment of innovate vertebral body PEEK prosthesis „fusion”-type. The Journal of orthopaedics trauma surgery and related research, 2010; 4; 20: 101-108.


        • Replacement of cervical anterior vertebral column;
        • Transfer of axial loads;
        • Filled with bone graft or bone substitute forms a combined bone-implant foundation;
        • Can be combined with other implants e.g. cervical plate;

        Compatible products:


        • Anatomical shape – protects spinal cord;
        • High bearing capacity;
        • Firm attachment due to presence of Ti spikes on top and bottom surface;
        • Precise implant positioning with the use of special instrumentation introducing “sliding” procedure;
        • Easier implant selection due to wide range of sizes;

    Clinical Cases

    Implantation procedure – main steps

    Insertion of the implant needs to be preceded by the preparation of the implantation space. Provided tools allow measurement of the resected vertebral bodies and proper spacer selection. Before the insertion, the spacer needs to be filled with a bone graft or bone substitute. Implantation is done with an inserting tool and special sliding „guide”, which provides the effect of controlled distraction. The prosthesis can also be inserted with the use of a cervical distractor. Use of DERO ”as·C·p” cervical spine plate is recommended as it can provide additional stabilization.