• IlioSacral autogenic Fusion
    • ISaF
      IlioSacral autogenic Fusion

      ISaF – ahead of time in SI-Joint surgery!

      ISaF (Ilio Sacral autogenous Fusion) with it’s main message „autogenous Fusion closer to nature” fits excellent into the company’s motto „Measuring up to nature”. Using sophisticated construct and procedure the „3D-Truss-Ti” ISaF is filling the joint space automatically during  self-cutting insertion. It uses the best possible material for fusion – patient’s autogenous bone. All steps – insertion of implant, transportation of bone and controlled compression – are being perfomed using one inserter in one round.

      The ISaF (screw-cage) is designed for surgical treatment of various sacroiliac joint conditions incl. sacrolitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions. The implant consists of two threaded parts manufactured by EBT (Electron Beam Technology) for enhanced Fusion (3D-Truss-Ti structure for „Ivy like osseointegration – L.C.”). ISaF is the final result of long-term experience started in the year 2001 with IIVC.


        •  Surgical treatment of various sacroiliac joint conditions incl. sacrolitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions;
        • “autogenous Fusion closer to nature” – using patient’s autogenous bone as best treatment option;

        • Incorporates proporties of screws;
        • Delivers and compacts autogenous bone around the whole implant;
        • Controlled distraction & compression;
        • Bone compacting during compression:
          • bone flange formation for enhanced fusion;


    Implantation description „in situ” & technology




    At the end of the 20th century, technologies stemming from aero-spacial engineering enabled a whole world of new possibilities in 3D architecture, and were transmited by LfC to the field of spinal implants. Electron beam melting (EBT-Electron Beam Technology) of Ti-alloy powder with over 2000 deg. C in a vacuum chamber – that is the essence of hi-tech need for creation of new generation 3D-implants. Apart from the structure itself, which favors bone ingrowth within the special cells, the design also enables a better osteointegration mechanism reducing fusion time by approximately 40-50 percent and more. This new phenomenon was studied and called „Ivy-like mechanism, L.C.” as a metaphor for mimic way of the natural growth of ivy climbing along the specially made rough surface of truss design.