30 October 2016


Surgeons from all over the world participated in Europe’s most important spinal congress – this year EuroSpine took place in modern City Cube Berlin. It has been LfC’s 13th appearance to present the latest spondylo-surgical technologies.

LfC focused on the introduction of SaF (IllioSacral autogenic Fusion) implant as the well as new website with “hand-touch” technology. Well established devices as CarRLIF, SLIDER and others completed the portfolio showing company’s great competences in the field of surgical technologies for spinal treatment. That together made LfC’s booth to one of the most interesting and attractive among 160 exhibitors. Experts from all over the world – spinal surgeons, distributors and competitors from Ireland, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, Great Britain and many more – came to evaluate or continue the cooperation.

ISaF was recognized as “…one of the most interesting products presented during EuroSpine in Berlin” as well as “…a huge step forward in surgical treatment of sacro-illiac spine”… etc.

New challenges recognized during EuroSpine will be carried out due to company’s motto: “Measuring up to nature”.
LfC-Team would like thank all visitors for valuable discussions and their interest in the presented technologies for surgical treatment of spine.